Site Remediation

What is Site Remediation?

Site Remediation for soil is a process when you excavate out any contaminated soil from the tank void and replace it with clean certified backfill material.

How Does the Process Work?

While excavating, our licensed Professional Engineer or Licensed Subsurface Evaluator will be on site screening the excavation with a PID to determine how much soil needs to be removed.


What is a PID?

A PID is a Photoionization Detector used as a guide to determine the level of volatile organic compounds in the soil.


What happens to Contaminated Soils?

All contaminated soils will be transported to a New Jersey DEP Licensed Recycling facility for disposal.

Site Remediation

Site Remediation

Once all contaminated soil is removed, our licensed Professional Engineer or Licensed Subsurface Evaluator will take the required amount of soil samples to prove to the NJDEP that the excavation is clean.  The excavation will be backfilled with certified clean fill material.


What happens when my project is complete?

Upon successful completion of your project, a Remedial Action Report will be prepared and submitted to the NJDEP for recommendation of No Further Action (NFA) for your property.

ADS Environmental will work hand and hand with you and the NJDEP to facilitate the completion of your project and the issuance of a No Further Action Letter (NFA).
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