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Buried oil tanks, whether in service or not, are a widespread issue for New Jersey homeowners and the real estate brokers who represent them in purchase and sale transactions. In fact, it’s not unusual for property owners to discover a buried oil tank they didn’t even know was there – and so old that it has contaminated the surrounding soil.

Underground storage tanks are indeed a problem – but not an insurmountable one, even if it has caused contamination. ADS Environmental, Inc., specializes in oil tank removal – as well as remediation.

In fact, we remove a tank a day, on average, and we’ve been doing that work, meticulously adhering to environmental laws, since 1991. Our estimates are always free, and we stand by our quoted price: ADS Environmental guarantees there will be no surprises and no hidden fees.

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Check for an underground storage tank.

ADS Environmental performs several services in conjunction with underground storage tanks. Perhaps you suspect – but don’t know for certain – that you actually have an abandoned underground tank on your New Jersey property.

Or you know you have one, but you don’t know where. If you’re planning to sell your property, it’s best to find – and fix – this potential problem before you list.

If you’re buying a property – especially an older home that heats with oil or might have in the past, you’ll want to be certain any underground storage tank is located and removed before you close. Using special equipment, ADS performs an oil tank sweep to determine whether or where you have an underground tank.

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Oil Tank Removal NJ

Specializing in Underground Oil Tank Removals and Aboveground Oil Tank Removals for over 25 Years!

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Oil Tank Installation NJ

Full Service Oil Tank Installations at LOW Prices. We offer two types of tanks, Granby and ROTH.

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Groundwater Testing NJ

Installations of Geoprobe and Monitoring Wells utilizing our Engineers and Subsurface Evaluators.

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Site Remediation NJ

Excavating contaminated soil from the tank void and replacing it with clean certified backfill material.

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Oil Tank Sweeps NJ

Buying or Selling a Home? Don't worry, ADS Environmental has you covered. 24 Hour Reports.

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SePtic Services NJ

Septic Pump Outs, Septic Design, Septic Installation, Clean Up and More. Low Prices and Fast Service!

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