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March 15, 2017Soil Borings, Soil Testing 0 120

The Dilemma with Soil Testing… First off, lets begin with a few scenarios that may present the potential need to perform soil testing around an existing Underground Oil Tank. You are a potential buyer of a property and you have discovered

Tank Sweep FAQ’s

May 20, 2016Tank Sweep, underground tank removal 0 21

Tank Sweep FAQ’s Question:  Is access inside the home necessary while performing an oil tank sweep? Answer:  Yes.  A thorough inspection of either the basement or the area nearest the furnace is essential to the oil tank sweep process.  Investigating for

What is the PUST Fund?

February 4, 2016Oil Tank Removal, Pust Fund 0 12

PUST FUND FOR LEAKING UNDERGROUND OIL TANKS: PUST Fund We will assist you in applying for the PUST Fund (Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fund) offered by the NJEDA and NJEDA for homeowners with leaking UST’s. Read More Here