Tank Abandonment

Is Tank Abandonment Possible?

Tank AbandonmentThough ADS, the NJDEP, mortgage companies, and home insurers typically recommend you remove your tank rather than abandon the tank in place, this may be a good option for you if access to your tank is hindered by surrounding structures.

What does it Mean to “Abandon in Place?”

To “abandon-in-place” means we will excavate to the top of the tank, cut the tank, pump any remaining oil and sludge from the tank, thoroughly clean the tank, and then completely fill the tank with sand, stone, or foam. We will also cut and crimp the oil lines and remove any vent and fill pipes.

Prior to the job, we will obtain permits. A local official will inspect the job and issue an inspection approval sticker. ADS will provide a certificate of abandonment and close out the town permits with the correct documentation.

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