Oil Tank Sweeps

We can detect underground storage tanks

Not sure if an underground storage tank (UST) exists on a property you are buying or selling? ADS offers quick tank location services, also known as “tank sweeps,” to clients throughout 13 New Jersey counties. Real estate transactions can be headache enough without your stressing about finding a tank. From locating an undisclosed tank to an oil tank removal, we’ve got the entire process covered for you.

How Does an Oil Tank Sweep Work?

During a tank sweep, our expert technician will search for previously disconnected oil service lines inside the building, as well as vent and fill pipes on the building exterior. The technician will also use a detection device – a Schonstedt GA-52Cx inductive and conductive locator – to scan the entire property for readings consistent with the presence of an underground tank. Following your tank sweep, our technician will prepare a report with the findings and present a proposal for other services if needed.

Note: ADS guarantees our tank sweep. Should a fuel oil underground storage tank be discovered on the property while our client is the owner, ADS will remove the fuel oil storage tank at no charge (please see our proposal for all disclosures).

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Tank Sweep FAQs

Yes. A thorough inspection of either the basement or the area nearest the furnace is essential to the oil tank sweep process. Evidence of previous fuel service tells us there might have been an underground tank on the property at some point, even if the house is not heated with oil at present.
Yes. To get the most accurate sweep, cars must be moved off the property. Metal that cannot be moved around during the inspection will be excluded from the report.
Depends on the scenario. If there is no rebar or wire mesh inside those surfaces, ADS Environmental can get an accurate reading. However, if there is rebar or mesh, those areas are specifically excluded from the report. If the area beneath a deck is accessible, our technician will scan the area. If the deck has no underneath access, ADS will not be able to get an accurate reading and the area will be excluded from the tank sweep.
ADS typically will sweep the entire property up to 1 acre. Some companies will scan only a 30-foot area around the building during a tank sweep. ADS has discovered underground tanks that were been missed by other companies that swept only limited areas.
No. As long as our technician can gain access to the property from either the current property owner or a real estate agent, a client does not have to be onsite during the sweep.

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