Above-ground Oil Tank Removal

Hassle-free Above-ground Tank Removal

We’re New Jersey’s above-ground tank removal experts. ADS Environmental’s professionals have over 30 years of experience in removing above-ground oil tanks, and we’ll be happy to make the tank-removal process hassle free for you!

How Does it Work?

  • Contact ADS Environmental to request a free quote for tank removal.
  • Once you have signed a contract, ADS Environmental will obtain a permit from your town and arrange for inspection by the appropriate town official.
  • Expert ADS Environmental technicians will carefully cut your tank open, pump it out, and remove the accumulated sludge.
  • Our technicians will squeegee the tank clean and use oil-absorbent wipes to clean the interior of the tank.
  • We also will remove the fill and vent pipes and cut or crimp supply/return lines.
  • ADS then will carefully remove the tank. After the tank is inspected by the appropriate town official, it is transported to a local scrap yard for disposal, all in accordance with applicable environmental regulations.
  • ADS Environmental will forward the necessary paperwork to the township to close out your above-ground tank removal permit, and, if applicable, your town officials will issue a COA (Certificate of Approval).

Should you wish to continue to heat with oil, our experienced professionals will be happy to quote you a price for installation of a new above-ground tank. We offer two types of tanks, Granby steel tanks and Roth double-walled tanks. We will be happy to explain the key features of each one; we highly recommend both manufacturers. Each type of tank is available in various sizes.