Underground Oil Tank Removal

Remove a Potential Environmental Threat Before It Happens

ADS Environmental specializes in the removal of underground storage tanks (USTs) for real estate agents and property owners in 13 New Jersey counties. Many older New Jersey homes are, or were, heated with oil, and oil tanks originally were placed in the ground.

Until the mid-1980s, most underground storage tanks were made of bare steel, which is likely to corrode over time and allow the contents to leak into the environment.

Savvy homeowners don’t risk waiting until they are presented with a sales contract to remove their old underground oil tanks. They get it done before they even list their property for sale. Contact us to learn more or request a quote. Be assured that our estimates are always free, and we stand by our quoted price: ADS Environmental guarantees there will be no surprises and no hidden fees when the job is done.

ADS offers free estimates on oil tank removals and will beat any competitors price.

When Is It Time to Remove an Underground Tank?

Frequently people who contact ADS are unaware of the hazards associated with having an underground fuel oil storage tank on their property.

Age, the material and design of the tank, the type of soil surrounding it, and the amount of moisture in the storage tank area, all contribute to the likelihood of developing holes in the tank. When heating oil seeps into the soil, it creates a serious and potentially costly environmental problem that requires remediation. (ADS can help with that, too.)

If you know there is an old underground oil tank on your property, you might want to consider having the experts at ADS Environmental remove it as soon as possible. Learn more or request a quote.

Why remove an underground tank?

ADS Environmental is licensed to perform underground oil tank closures in New Jersey. We ensure a proper, quick, and neat removal. Learn more or request a quote.

What’s the Process for Removing an Underground Tank?

The first step in removing an underground heating oil tank is to contact us and get a quote. ADS Environmental will respond promptly, usually in 24 hours.

Next steps:

  • Client signs the contract.
  • ADS applies for a local construction permit for the customer. It takes approximately 7 to 10 days for the permit to be issued by most towns.
  • Once ADS receives the permit from the town, we secure an inspection date and time from the town and schedule your job. ADS submits a request for a utility mark-out, which indicates the locations of any utility lines on your property.
  • The tank removal itself is a one-day job. On the day of the job, the ADS crew carefully excavates to the top of the tank. We cut the tank open, pump it out, and remove sludge. Our technicians will squeegee the tank clean and use oil-absorbent wipes to clean the interior of the tank. They will remove the fill and vent pipes, and cut or crimp supply/return lines. The tank is then lifted from the excavation.
  • The job site and tank are inspected by the appropriate township official. Then the tank is transported for disposal at a local scrap yard.
  • ADS forwards the necessary paperwork to the township to close out the permit and, if applicable, the town issues a COA (Certificate of Approval).

Here’s a Video Showing How ADS Removes an Underground Oil Tank