Septic Tank Pumping

Avoid system failures with regular maintenance

At ADS Environmental, we recommend septic tanks be pumped every two to three years. The solids that accumulate in septic tanks should be cleaned out regularly.

If the solids aren’t removed, eventually those solids will overflow and build up a blockage in the septic field, clogging the system to the point that no wastewater is able to flow into the soil. This sewage can either back up into your home or flow across the surface of your septic field. In the event the septic field fails in this way, a new septic field will need to be installed in a different location on your property.

Generally, the only maintenance required for a septic tank is regular pumping. Neglecting regular pump-outs can lead to the failure of your septic system. If you live in Warren, Hunterdon or Somerset County, New Jersey, our ADS technicians are ready to service your septic tank. Contact us to learn more or set up an appointment.