Is a Tank Sweep Required in NJ?

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ADS Environmental Tank Sweeps have you covered!

For a minimal cost , let ADS Environmental protect you with a NJ Tank Sweep.

When to Get a Tank Sweep

The seller may not be aware if there is an existing underground oil tank or a previously filled oil tank.  In many cases there is no documentation even after the homeowner has converted their home heating system to a different source than Oil Heat.  Furthermore, older town records have the possibility of inacuracy.  Sensitivity on this issue is relatively new, the prior sellers might not have disclosed oil tanks of the past.  You only get one chance to avoid this mistake.  It is our job at ADS to protect our clients!  We have been trusted by thousands of homeowners as a Tank Services Expert since 1991!

It is no mystery, real estate transactions can be a headache.  If you purchase a home in NJ with an unknown Underground Oil Tank it may eventually become your responsibility down the road. This means not only could you be responsible for an underground tank removal, but you may also be responsible for Site Remediation and or Soil and Groundwater Testing if a contamination leak is discovered when removing the Oil Tank.

The ADS Tank Sweep Guarantee:

ADS guarantees our work.  Should a Fuel Oil UST be discovered on this property in the future, while our client is the owner, ADS will remove the Fuel Oil UST at no charge.

Let’s Get Started

During a tank sweep our technician will search for previously disconnected oil service lines inside of the building as well as vent and fill pipes on the exterior of the property. The technician will also use a detection device called a Schonstedt GA-52Cx inductive and conductive locator to scan the entire property for readings consistent with the presence of a UST. Following your tank sweep, our technician will draft a report with the findings and present a proposal for other services if needed. Call for your no-hassle tank sweep appointment today! 908-213-9400