Septic System Considerations when Buying and Selling Property in Warren and Hunterdon Counties

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If you are selling, buying or building a home in a rural area of Warren County or Hunterdon County, New Jersey, it’s important to consider your system for managing household waste. Most rural areas in Warren and Hunterdon are not served by the local sewer authority, but rather by individual septic systems for treating household wastewater. Existing septic systems always should be inspected; on unimproved land, a new system will need to be designed and installed.

Selling a home?

Most real estate agents in Warren and Hunterdon counties will advise you to have your septic system inspected if you are planning to put your home on the market. Why? Because real estate sales contracts almost always stipulate that a septic system be pumped and certified as meeting code requirements and operating properly. Most mortgage lenders, banks and home buyers want assurance, before title is transferred, that the property’s wastewater treatment system is functioning properly and meets current code.

If your system needs repairs, or if it doesn’t meet current code requirements and needs upgrades, it’s far more expedient to take care of those issues before you have a contract and the pressure of a date set for closing. Some older homes are served by cesspools, and the state of New Jersey requires that cesspools be replaced when property is sold.

These issues are not something that you, as a seller, will want to have to deal with in a 45- or 60-day time frame before closing. It’s far more prudent to get your system inspected before you sign a listing agreement – and take care of any issues in advance.

As established experts in septic system design, installation and maintenance, ADS Environmental, Inc., of Phillipsburg, N.J., is prepared to pump, clean, upgrade and repair – or replace – your septic system. While this is best done prior to listing your property for sale, you can count on ADS Environmental to make every effort to get the job done within your sales contract’s time requirements.

Buying a home? Think about your future plans.

Home buyers, even in cash transactions, should know all the facts about the property’s existing wastewater treatment system:

  • What type of septic system is it? (Cesspool? Gravity flow? Pumped? Nonconforming?)
  • Where is your tank located?
  • What kind of tank is it?
  • Where is the drain field located?
  • Is it working properly?
  • Does it meet code? (Effluent filters and risers are the latest code upgrades for septic tanks.)

Perhaps you’re contemplating adding onto an existing house, building a deck, adding a swimming pool or something else. By knowing the location of your septic tank and drain field, you can also avoid damage to your system by heavy trucks or machinery that might inadvertently drive over it during construction. Paint and solvents can also damage a septic system or its performance. Look to the experts at ADS Environmental to guide you. All it takes is a call to 908-213-9400.

Building a new home? For septic system design and installation, we’ve got you covered.

If you are building a new home, or buying an old one that requires a new wastewater treatment system and responsibility for that falls to you, you’ll need professional help.

The process for a septic system design and installation involves soil tests, engineering to design a system that will work with your land, installing your septic tank and drain field, and obtaining all necessary permits, inspections and approvals along the way. ADS Environmental’s septic system experts will handle all of this for you, from testing and design through installation and the final OK from your local authority.

Our company maintains its own fleet of trucks and trailers, as well as all the earth-moving equipment we need to complete the septic system installation – no need for you to incur the added expense of hiring another contractor for excavating or grading.

What’s the best septic system design for your property?

In many designs, the septic system works by simple gravity flow. Or your system might work with one or more pumps to disperse the effluent.

Septic System design and installation are specialties of ADS Environmental, Inc. We can also work with your own approved septic system design.

Contact ADS Environmental for a free consultation if you need to install a new or a replacement septic system.