Tank Sweep FAQ’s

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Tank Sweep FAQ’s

Question:  Is access inside the home necessary while performing an oil tank sweep?
Answer:  Yes.  A thorough inspection of either the basement or the area nearest the furnace is essential to the oil tank sweep process.  Investigating for previous evidence of fuel service inside of the home is a key part of the sweep process.

Question:  There is a car parked in the driveway, is that a problem during the tank sweep?
Answer:  Yes.  In order to get the most accurate sweep, cars need to be moved off the property.  Metal that cannot be moved around during the inspection will be excluded from the report.

Question:  Can your metal detector get a reading through driveways, patios and decks?
Answer:  Depends on the scenario.  If there is no rebar or wire mesh inside of these surfaces ADS Environmental can get an accurate reading,  however, if there is rebar or mesh, these areas are specifically excluded from the report.   If the underneath area of a deck is assessable, our technician will scan the area.  If the deck has no underneath access, ADS will not be able to get an accurate reading and the area will be excluded from the tank sweep.

Question:  What areas does ADS sweep with the metal detector?
Answer:  ADS will typically sweep the entire property up to one (1) acre.   Some companies will only scan a 30′ area around the building during the tank sweep.  ADS has discovered underground tanks that have been missed by other companies using limited sweep areas.

Question:  Do I need to be there while you perform the oil tank sweep?
Answer:  No.  A long as our technician can get access to the property from either the current property owner or realtor; a client does not need to be on site during the sweep.

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